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The Possible Logic Behind Why Cats Love Boxes

Kitten in a BoxIs your cat compelled to sniff and inspect boxes of all shapes and sizes? While this universal feline behavior never fails to delight cat fanciers, it also generates a good deal of speculation. Although we don’t know exactly why cats love boxes, we’re happy to add our own two cents to the conversation that has puzzled humans for decades.

Unbiased Ownership

Shoe boxes, paper boxes, FedEx boxes…chances are, your cat doesn’t really care where the box came from or for what it was used. However, he or she does mind if you steal it away. What is it about cardboard that transfixes our felines? (more…)

Feline Wellness Care: Encouraging a Long, Happy Life

boy and catCats are not known to enjoy car rides, much less a trip to the veterinary clinic. However, feline wellness care is essential for optimal health and longevity. From undetected illness to unmanaged chronic pain, avoiding wellness care can have severe consequences for our whiskered friends.

The Importance of Feline Wellness Care

One of the main reasons many cat owners skip regular trips to the vet is because everything “seems fine.” Unfortunately, felines have a propensity for hiding pain and illness. In the wild, this instinct serves them well – after all, a weak or sick animal is more likely to be targeted for predation.

Cats are also not as demonstrative as their canine counterparts. This is likely due to their independent nature. It’s easier for us to relate to social animals, such as dogs, and to recognize behavioral cues that may be more subtle in cats. (more…)