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Pet Safety Tips

Purchasing Pet Drugs Online

Purchasing Pet Drugs Online : Buyer Beware – The FDA has issued a cautionary warning to all pet owners. Not all drugs are created equal. Please click the video below:

Video source Purchasing Pet Drugs Online: Buyer Beware

Xylitol Poisoning

Sugar substitutes are big business. Less sugar can mean weight loss, improved health, diabetic control, and even reduced tooth decay. The quest for products that can sweeten and cook like sugar is ongoing. Xylitol is common sugar substitute, especially when it comes to sugarless gum. Not only does Xylitol offer sweetness without calories, it also has antibacterial properties in the mouth to reduce periodontal disease, and has been found to have far reaching health benefits in other areas of the body. Xylitol may help with osteoporosis, prevention of ear and throat infections, and may reduce risk of endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and even breast cancer.
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Halloween Safety Tips

Chocolate and candy are not the only things to be worried about at Halloween time. Plants, decorations and costumes can also be dangerous. For more information, please visit: Halloween Means Pet Precautions

Holiday Safety Tips

Be careful how you deck your halls! The holiday season is generally a time of family togetherness in which even our pets participate. One’s thoughts generally are far from thoughts of injury; however, one must be aware of some important seasonal hazards in order to insure a happy holiday season. Decorations, candy, plants and your holiday feast can be potentially life threatening to your pets.
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Pet Food Recalls

Video source FDA & Pet Food


To find the most current list of pet food recalls, please visit the FDA Pet Food Recall List.