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pet urinary tract infections

An Owner’s Guide to Pet Urinary Tract Infections

You suddenly notice that your normally very housebroken dog is having accidents in your living room. She is asking to go outside constantly and seems to be drinking a lot. This not-uncommon scenario strikes panic into the heart of many a pet owner. There are multiple things that might cause these symptoms, but not to […]

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dogs eat poop

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

For dogs who show a consistent interest in snacking on fecal matter, there’s no shortage or lack of variety out there. Indeed, you might not notice the pile left behind by another dog, cat, or other animal, but your dog’s powerful sniffer keys in on the potential personal treat. Don’t feel bad. Regardless of breed, […]

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Is There Life After Pet Loss?

Pet loss is a monumental event in the life of a dedicated owner. Despite the link to greater life satisfaction and physical and emotional health, grieving over the death of a beloved pet isn’t always sufficiently recognized in our culture. This can result in a significant lack of support to get through the grieving process. […]

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shave your dog

Shave and a Haircut: Should You Shave Your Dog This Summer?

When it’s feelin’ hot-hot-hot and your shaggy dog is looking especially unhappy, it’s understandable why you may reach for the grooming tools. Many of us consider fur to be the equivalent of wearing a down parka in the middle of July; however, fur actually works a little differently than we may think. Whether you’re feeling […]

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Parvo and Your Pup

Hearing that your precious pet has been diagnosed with a serious disease is the last thing a pet owner wants to hear. Parvo (canine parvovirus) is one such disease that affects puppies and adult dogs, and its consequences can be lasting and, in some cases, deadly. Indeed, your dog’s long-term wellness depends on his or […]

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True Innovation: Why AAHA Accreditation Means so Much

In life, it’s helpful to periodically evaluate the way things are done and try to make positive changes. In a veterinary hospital, streamlining certain systems and protocols not only saves us time and money, we also pass that value onto our clients and their pets. In other words, there is always room for improvement, and […]

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pet paw care tips

Pet Paw Care Tips that Will Earn You a High Five

A list reflecting some of the reasons why you love your pet might include that cute nose, those floppy ears, the endlessly wagging tail, and of course, those irresistible paws! Some pet owners might argue with that last one, but the fact is: those amazing paws are as fit for rugged terrain as they are […]

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Metaldehyde Maladies: The Truth About Snail Bait Toxicity and Pets

There’s nothing worse than seeing your garden spoiled by snails or slugs. Strawberries, artichokes, tomatoes, succulents, flowers, and citrus trees are all prime targets of these ghastly gastropods. However, before you use any commercial products, we urge you to reconsider. While we’re not asking you to simply accept irregular holes, chew marks, or slime deposits […]

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MRSA Infection in Pets – Dr. LeeAnn DuMars, ABVP

Many people have heard of “MRSA” – in hospitalized patients, secondary to mild wound infections and even acquired from team sports….. but what exactly is it? And pets can get it, too? MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus; methicillin is a class of antibiotics that includes the penicillins, cephalosporins and other related drugs. Staphlococcus aureus […]

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