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PMC Employee Pet Spotlight – Chase Evans

CSC_085811 ½ years ago I went with a friend to look at a litter of Bouvier puppies. I figured I was safe as I did not need or want another dog at the time. But….on our second visit I walked into the puppy room and here was this little face staring at me and I feel in love (still claiming I was not getting a puppy!) I went back on the final visit when the puppies were 7 weeks old. I had told the breeder and my friend that when I was ready I wanted a very active puppy because I wanted to teach it how to play flyball. On this final visit there was one pup who constantly caught my eye, he was a boy, my favorite, and never quit moving, not normal for the average Bouvier puppy. As I watched him run around the name Chase popped into my head, it usually takes me forever to pick a name. OMG! I knew I was in trouble, and yes he did come home with me. And so the adventure began. Chase was not easy to teach flyball, he being a typical Bouvier, had his own ideas on how to play and was constantly changing the rules to fit him. It took a couple years, but he became a great flyball dog. He loved the game so much, he and I traveled all over California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada and even made a trip to St Louis competing in flyball tournaments. We also participated in performances for the Sacramento Kings, LA Lakers and Fresno State Basketball. Chase loves the big crowds and the more they cheered the better he liked it. Chase loves anything that involves running, he has tried Agility (mom was too slow), Herding (mom did not have sheep), Lure coarse, and coarse a lure (which he loved). This last November Chase had to retire from flyball, after months of me saying he was getting more stubborn, I realized he had lost his hearing, physically he could still do it but he was also having some problems with depth perception and I was worried he was almost 11 so it was time. Now we are on to a new adventure, K-9 nosework. So hopefully he and I still have years of working together. I must say he turned out to be an awesome dog and I am lucky to have him in my life!