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PMC Employee Pet Spotlight – Patch Andrist

Bella and Patch239PatchMy husband and I adopted Patch while were still dating. I had never had a dog before, and I was very excited when he suggested we “just look” at rescues online. When we saw Patch’s picture on the website, we fell in love. That black patch on his eye and his cheesy grin were very easy to fall for! Patch was in a foster home at the time, so we drove out one night to meet him. As soon as we did, we knew he was the perfect dog for our young family and we adopted him right away.

He has been a part of our family for 10 years now! Our family has grown since then, as we’ve added 3 cats, a horse, and a human child. Patch loves our daughter, Bella, and has always been very patient with her. He even lets her sit on his back while she pretends he is a horse! He really enjoys coming to doggie daycare at Pet Medical Center, and loves going on road trips to the beach and the mountains. He’s friendly with every dog he meets, and takes just a little while to warm up to cats. But when he does, those cats become his best friends!

Though his black patches are now more grey than black and his age suggests he is a senior citizen, he is still just as spry and energetic! He will always be my first dog, and a young pup to us.