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PMC Employee Pet Spotlight – Winky Wonda Minton

winky wonda
Winky Wonda was found wondering the streets of Fresno and was picked up by the Animal Compassion Team. Before ACT had a chance to place her for adoption I had already fallen in love with her! Winky Wonda came with a few “friends”, aka fleas and tapeworms, but after a few easy treatments she was parasite free. The doctors at PMC noted on her physical exam that she actually still has an eye under her right eyelid but that it just does not function normally and that it is likely congenital; meaning she was born that way. Her right eyelid is always closed- hence the name “Winky.” Winky Wonda loves playing with my other dogs and the dogs in doggy daycare. She even loves playing with my cat! Everyone who meets Winky Wonda receives a kiss from her whether they want it or not! She loves children and all people and brings so much joy and laughter into my life. Winky Wonda is the only girl of my four legged family, so I take extra joy in spoiling her. Winky Wonda is “Mommies little girl” and has me wrapped around her paw!