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PMC Employee Pet Spotlight – Lolo Gamez

Lolo was adopted by my husbands family about a year ago as a companion for my mother-in-law as she battled breast cancer. She was previously fostered by Dr. Dumars along with a litter of terrier puppies. Even though she thought she was a little fluffy puppy just like them she was not adopted as quickly as the rest, leaving her sad and lonely. She had to have surgery on her left eye and it took a while to heal, so to most people interested in adopting, she wasn’t the “pick of the litter”.IMG_0076 (1)

Upon arrival at my in-laws house, she immediately bonded with my father-in-law instead of my mother-in-law. After about 6 months her new daddy suddenly passed away in a tragic automobile accident leaving Lolo an orphan yet again. She now lives with my husband and I and our furry four pawed baby, Neptune. Lolo fits in perfectly with our nap loving family!