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PMC Employee Pet Spotlight – Knute Cloyes

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Thirteen years ago, I was in the third grade, and I had always had a joy of having animals around especially since my mom worked at a veterinary hospital. We had always been fostering animals and we had our share of family pets. One day I had been begging my mom for a kitten of my own, but she told me no because she said I wasn’t ready to have an animal yet. A couple days after begging, she came home with a present for me, and this present was a calico kitty, which I soon named Knute! She was feisty little thing that would follow my every move and keep me company. Knute became my best friend, always there when I needed her and also teaching me a lot about having a pet of my own.

Everyone knows that when we are little, we tend to do many embarrassing and even hilarious things that we all wish would never come up in stories our parents tell. But I can never escape the stories my mom tells about me and Knute. One of my mom’s favorite stories was that I would take Knute with me everywhere, even to the park because I had a harness and leash for her. She would walk with me all the way to the park and wait there until I was finished playing and we would go home. Knute would also let me dress her up in doll clothes even though she knew she looked absolutely ridiculous. Knute had become very patient with me because we all know how any 8 year old can be. As I got older she still was a perfect companion for me. The one thing she was excellent at was teaching me the “Art of Procrastination”. She would always keep me company while I did homework, just waiting for me to be done. Sometimes if I turned away for just a second, she would climb on my homework and lay across it as if she was telling me, “You can finish later.” And of course I couldn’t refuse because we all know procrastination is very tempting. She is so good at it, that to this day, she can still get me to stop doing homework. When I would be gone for a week at times for sports tournaments, she would stay home with my older sister until I came back. Once I got home, she would greet me and follow me around the house, constantly talking to me and begging for attention. Knute is a very good puppy raiser and has helped teach all of the Guide Dog puppies how to behave around cats. Although she is 13, she does not act her age. She is still acts like a kitten, stealing popcorn or fries, or even chips out of the bag. She still runs around the house crazy, climbing on stuff that is definitely not allowed. Knute has always been a rebel and to this today she still acts like the kitten I got on the first day. DSCN0103