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PMC Employee Pet Spotlight – Stark Longhat

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Stark is a one year old AKC Pomeranian with a color of cream merle. He has a wedge shaped head, fox like face, and erect ears. His tail rests curled up on his back and looks like a fluffy puff ball. A unique trait Stark has is a two-toned Iris in his right eye mixed with brown and a dash of blue. His temperament is very sweet, bold, intelligent, and curious. Stark is very curious about the world around him. He also has endless amounts of energy, and is always happy. He came into my life on December 1, 2012. He was born on October 4th and was just a tiny little 10 week old puppy. I was working on a Saturday when I was surprised by my fiancé who brought him into PMC and said “Merry Christmas.” I immediately fell in love with his tiny little face, and his fluffy like body all covered in fur. He looked like a tiny baby fox. I couldn’t believe he was all mine as a new addition to our family. I immediately wanted to hold him, smell his puppy breath, and give him lots of love.

Stark is incredibly bright he has mastered the sit, shake, and high five. He often works for treats, and we are still working on the stay just because he gets to excited and wants to be with you where ever you go. I really don’t mind this because he is a great companion. However his independent nature means he often uses his intelligence to get himself into mischief. We can never leave a toilet paper roll hanging because he will grab it and pull it all out everywhere! He loves to chew paper into tiny little pieces. Sometimes when I ask him to come he mistakes this as a game of catch me if you can. He is a super fast runner and always wins, he will only be caught when he wants to be. It is something we are working on at the moment. I feel like he knows when he is being mischievous at times, and he often uses his cuteness to get away with things. I guess you could say I have a soft spot for him. 🙂

When we are on walks or at the park he always get compliments on his appearance, and temperament. People often mistake him as a female. I believe it’s because he is so darn cute, and has a beautiful fur coat; he is so fluffy. Stark is the friendliest dog ever! He loves people, especially little kids, babies, and of course other dogs. He will greet you with a lot of excitement, prancing, twirls, paws, and many kisses. If he could he would lick you right in your face just to say hello and let you know he is a lover.

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Stark loves to play fetch & has his own special chest of toys at home. When he is feeling playful he goes over to his toy box and grabs them all out one by one, he will make a huge pile on the floor just to lay in them. If you are sitting on the couch he will bring over a toy place it in your lap and sit patiently to throw it, but beware once you do he could play for hours. His favorite toy is teddy, he has had teddy since he was a puppy. He also loves to go for long walks, runs, and to doggie daycare. Stark plays with all of his pals at daycare and he gets in his daily exercise and loves this the best. As soon as we arrive to PMC he immediately starts barking and pacing in the car because he knows he will see his best friends soon! A few of his most favorite pals are; Frankie, Mia, Amiko, Chewy, Ginger, Penny, John, and Riley.

As each day winds down he will curl up on my feet into a ball and just fall asleep. In his dog bed he sleeps on his back like a human, I find this funny. He loves to be snuggled and close by. I often call Stark my fur baby because he is more than a pet to me he is my child. He is my pint sized little love with a huge personality. He has the most loving spirit. Waking up every morning to his happy prancing, tail waging, and kisses are the best. Stark is the best Christmas gift ever. He is the gift of love, and we all love him very much. Stark is truly a wonderful addition to our family.