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PMC Employee Pet Spotlight – Lucy Hernandez


Lucy was adopted in July 2010 at 3 months old and belongs to Nicole. Since then, she has become a big part of our little family and is a very spoiled “only child.” Lucy is very playful and is happiest when she’s outdoors. She especially loves hiking, fishing with her dad, going to the lake, and playing in the snow. She’s also super smart..too smart for us sometimes! She knows all the names of her toys and understands many words such as kitchen, bedroom, cat, and hungry. We can’t even say “breakfast” or “dinner” without her running to her food bowl and scratching on it! Besides her fun personality, we love Lucy’s silly ears! Her right ear stands up straight and her left ear is floppy, which we find adorable! We couldn’t have asked for a more sweet, lovable, and fun pup!