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PMC Employee Pet Spotlight – Boo Andrist

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Meet Boo! Boo is an exotic shorthair; that means she is hybrid of the American Shorthair and the Persian. She has the brachiocephalic face (“squashed” face) of a Persian, yet the short, easier to manage coat. Now cats are known to be rather lazy animals, but I have never met one that is lazier than Boo! She is very docile, quiet, and very sweet natured, which makes her the perfect companion for my four year old daughter!

Boo is a very funny girl! Her appearance makes her look like she is photo 3always in a sour mood, so she looks angry even when she is happy and purring in your lap. When she gets excited, her eyes get very large and they are bright orange! She also has a noticeable orange spot right on the top of her head.

Though she likes to spend most of her time curled up in your lap or on top of your open laptop, she can get pretty playful! She likes to stalk you up and down the stairs and loves to try to catch light reflections from a flashlight or laser beam! She also loves to jump around on the furniture, but she is very clumsy and tends to fall off the couch a lot.

I was very fortunate to wind up with her. She was a patient at a photo 1previous clinic I worked at, and had been coming since she was a tiny little fur ball. I really loved when she came to visit! Her wonderful owner relinquished her to me when she was two years old and has been a perfect addition to our family!