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PMC Employee Pet Spotlight – Tobin Bushey


Tobin is my spoiled rotten bottle baby. I was lucky enough to have him given to me as a “project” 5 years ago next month. With every 2 hour feedings and cleaning, once he was old enough to eat on his own there was NO WAY anyone else was going to love this little guy like me. Soooo, I kept him. We never really plan on keeping them (bottle babies) forever but, when they are special, they are special 😮 He has been a blessing ever since. On bad days he cheers me up – I give him so many kisses, he just deals with me. He is the best when it comes to snuggles! He knows how to sit for his food and “good boy treats” and knows when I tell him to go lay down he better do so, this usually means he is testing me. LOL. Just like a kid, he will act up the more I get mad he is a “please and thank you” kind of guy. Some of the things he enjoys most are his mousey, his teddy bear (both of which he has had since he was only days old) and he loves to chase the laser light. He thinks it’s fun, little does he know I am working on his buns of steel. Tobin doesn’t really like to come to mom’s work even after having grown up here. He gets so worried he gets grumpy, you know the scary Halloween noises, yep he makes them. I have “one of those” cats. Thankfully he is a healthy boy!