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Summer Safety – Dr. Sharon Johnston


Enjoy The Summer Safely

One of our clients recently was going into a neighborhood big box store and came across two dogs locked in a Mini Cooper in the heat. Unfortunately, the retailer’s staff was unable to help and suggested she call the police. The phone call run-around ensued, with both the police and the local animal shelter referring her to the other authority, and neither being of any aid. I believe the dogs survived the shopping excursion, but I would like to remind everybody, please don’t leave your dogs unattended in your car again until you are Christmas shopping. And, if you see a silver Nissan Leaf with chihuahuas in it and the air conditioning running, don’t panic. Being able to guiltlessly leave my Leaf with the air on full blast, running, and locked in a parking lot is one of the great perks of driving electric. I highly recommend it.

We were worried about pets in our community, so we checked and confirmed with the Police Department and Animal Control… If you do see dogs locked in a car in the City of Fresno, it is recommended that you call the police non-emergency number at 559-621-7000 AND Animal Control at 559-233-7722.

While we may not all like the heat, the ticks reportedly LOVE IT. Increasing tick populations are another downside of climate change and heat. Fortunately, innovative scientists are working to make new solutions all the time and we get to benefit from their creativity. We have some new products to help control ticks available. But keep in mind, NOTHING kills 100% of ticks. Preventing an infestation is paramount, as ticks can survive almost anywhere, and spread several diseases nobody wants to get.

bigstock-dog-stress--male-pug-with-fun-16356371And all you short-nosed dog lovers, keep in mind that your brachycephalic breeds [Pugs, Bulldogs especially] are not very good at cooling themselves by panting. An acquaintance of mine lost his bulldog to heat stroke in May, and it wasn’t even HOT yet. Overweight, elderly, and large dogs are also at increased risk of overheating and need to stay cool, have water and shade available at all times, and hopefully have central air as well.

I love the long days of summer. My cat loves to hunt the flies. The chihuahuas like not needing a heating pad to stay warm. For all of you escaping to Pismo every weekend, drive safely, and don’t leave your dogs or cats in a hot vehicle. Cracking the windows doesn’t help. If you need more convincing, please see Dr. Ernie Ward’s home movie about how hot it gets in his SUV, CLICK HERE!Boxer Puppy Dog

Have fun at the beach and eat some chowder for me, Dr. J.