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PMC Employee Pet Spotlight – Pirate & Louie Berry

Meet Wendy’s boys:

Pirate is a 6 year old Boxer who I met the day he was born! I assisted on the c-section of his mother and picked him out that day because of his cute spotted nose! He was a present for my son’s 3rd birthday and the two of them have been inseparable ever since! He loves “his boy” and he’s a very protective member of our family! Walk by our fence and you will hear his big bark! Meet him and he will be your best friend! His cutest feature is his silly tongue that hangs out about 95% of the day!

Then there is my Louie… He is a 5 year old Boston Terrier who was a free find off Craigslist! Best find of my life!! Now, Louie is a little different than Pirate… Louie is all love, but no brains! He loves to give kisses, but “sit” and “stay” are a foreign language to him! Louie’s favorite pastime is to take a dunk in his doggie pool, and then go roll in the dirt! My boys are the best dogs I could ever ask for! They are constant buddies to my son Morgan, and great walking partners to me!