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PMC Employee Pet Spotlight – Heaven Andrist

Heaven is a twenty year old registered thoroughbred mare. Her parents’ names were “Half Heaven” and “Simply the Best”, so she was named “Simply Heaven’s Best” or “Heaven”! Johanna first fell “head over heels” (literally!) for Heaven while she was on the Fresno State Equestrian Team. Heaven was one of the horses assigned to Johanna’s group, and a bond was made instantly!

Heaven’s personality is very special. She is one picky horse! She is very spunky and full of life.  While on the team, Heaven was known for her high energy, her bad habit of rearing up when you tried to lead her somewhere, and her spooky behavior in the arena. Johanna did not know this about her when she first encountered her.  Johanna lead her to a turnout pen where Heaven could stretch her legs and then went off to clean her stall, when another team member came up to her and asked her if I had needed help with Heaven. Johanna was confused, because Heaven had been a perfect angel.  While she was no angel with a lot of the other team members, she didn’t give Johanna too much trouble on foot.

The first time Johanna got on her for lessons, she got an insight on Heaven’s true personality. Though Heaven was pretty tense and wound up, the lesson was going pretty well. But as soon as Heaven saw another horse in the arena going the opposite direction, she freaked out and spun around, and Johanna was on the ground before she even knew what hit her! But it was obvious that she felt bad about it, and she turned around to look at Johanna as if to say “What are you doing down there?”

At the end of the school year, Johanna found out that she was going to be moving to the coast with her husband, and she really wished she could take Heaven with her. Well wouldn’t you know it, turns out the team was selling a few of their older horses! Johanna’s parents and her husband surprised her with the greatest gift ever: they got her Heaven.
Today, Heaven and Johanna spend their time together discovering the trails in the foothills.  Heaven has really mellowed and seems very happy to have wide open space in which to ride. She is amazingly gentle with Johanna’s four year old daughter, but she doesn’t like it when other people hop on her. Like I said, she is quite picky! Johanna couldn’t have asked for a better riding partner!