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PMC Employee Pet Spotlight – Buddha Wolter

Buddha was rescued from the SPCA and is Jocelyn’s first dog and quiet spoiled! She calls him her favorite perfect dog (but shhh don’t tell his sisters). Buddha was diagnosed with epilepsy about 3 years ago, but that has not slowed him down one bit! Buddha loves to come to PMC and hang out in his kennel and be spoiled by all his human friends who can’t resist feeding him treats because he is so handsome! Buddha loves to swim in any season, whether it be Christmas morning in his grandparents pool or in Yosemite streams with the melting snow, he is particularly fond of his friends Koi pond because there are fish to catch! Buddha would prefer that it was just him and mom but he tolerates Jocelyn’s husband, but he always sits between them and sleeps between them at night so that mom remembers Buddha is her number one guy. Buddha also enjoys tormenting the family cat and wrestling with his dog sisters.