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PMC Training Tidbit: Potty Training – Liz Alanis, PMC Trainer

Many people always ask, “How do I potty train my puppy or dog?” I always ask how often their pup is having accidents? Once they explain, I ask them if they have consulted with their vet. Sometimes people think their dog is “bad dog” because it pees or poops in an area that is unacceptable to them. I always let them know that pets just like humans can suffer from medical conditions such as, bladder infections, or diabetes that may cause the dog to have frequent accidents because they have no bladder control. Many people are very surprised by this and follow up with their vet to make sure their dog is healthy, then we move on to potty training.

I highly recommend in the first month of owning your new pet that you always take him or her out on a leash in a designated spot consistently. You must also have some type of treat to reward them immediately following the dogs elimination. After about 4 weeks you can walk them out in your yard off leash to the “spot” and with treat in hand reward them. Remember consistency is key. All it takes is one inconsistent time or family member to cause your many weeks of hard work to fail. If your pet will be kept outdoors, try not letting them have the entire yard to themselves. The more room they have the more places they will use as their potty. If you limit their space and encourage them to go in the “spot”, your and their yard will be clean and better maintained.