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Ghosts & Goblins – Beware Halloween Hazards! – Dr. Sharon Johnston

Happy Halloween everybody!

Remember to keep your pooches and kitties safe from ghosts and goblins this year and from the more mundane hazards as well.

Please help them avoid the pervasive chocolate goodies, any sugar free candy or gum containing xylitol, and high fat foods. Hopefully thus preventing chocolate toxicity, low blood sugar and liver failure from xylitol, and pancreatitis. Stick to low-fat dog cookies or veggies if you must treat the furry ones. Use caution with trick or treaters going through their loot and don’t let the pets assist or clean up the wrappers. Remind your little goblins or transformers or princesses to not share their candy with their pets.

My doglets do best confined to the back bedroom during trick or treat so they don’t scare the kids, don’t run outside to greet the neighbors, and don’t manage to sneak any candy out of the bowl. Masks and costumes and little people tend to scare them so I keep them out of the action. (But hey, they’re not scared of the vet or her office! So don’t tease them too much.)

Decorations can present more chances for trouble too; keep dogs and cats away from dry ice, try to keep those kitties’ whiskers out of the candle wax, and keep in mind that scary soundtracks can scare dogs too. Leave all but the most adventurous and tolerant dog safely at home during your hauntings.

And please use care in costuming your pets, there can be risk beyond mere humiliation. Some just don’t appreciate how cute they look and can panic and hurt themselves inadvertently.

Here’s hoping you all have a lovely Halloween and fall, Dr. J.